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Curating a unique brand for your business using an NFT
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Our Story

In 2021, a group of creators wanted to offer NFT's for businesses instead of just for leisure & collection. A logo is a cornerstone of branding & our offerings are for those that are looking to elevate, enhance, and showcase their brand in cutting edge form.

Our Vision

Curating one of a kind digital pieces that have the authority and purposefulness to be used for business to make a statement, to tell a story, and to represent an opportunity for someone to work with an impactful company.


We have the tools and the skillset to develop digital NFTs for commercial purpose, while also serving as a design house for organizations looking to then use that NFT in a larger design schema for their enterprise.


2-Step Easy Process

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Purchase your NFT from OpenSea and then begin using the digital file for your business once downloaded OR save the file for future usage. *All NFT's are unique and therefore once sold are able to be used as needed for marketing, branding, etc.


Our goal is to provide a one of a kind statement piece that can be used to represent your brand in a minimalistic visual while delivering a comprehensive message as to who you are.

*Be be sure to advise with legal representation while filing any trademarks to make sure it's done correctly

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